…and hello to an easier way of travelling with your bike

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…and as cyclists ourselves we think cycling holidays are a blast, but there’s always one problem. The bike. You’ve got a great bike, right? That you want to use on your holiday, right? And you really enjoy dismantling it and packing it into a bikebox, right? And paying more to put your bike on the plane than you paid for your seat, right? Oh, hang on a minute, it’s going a bit wrong now. Don’t despair however, and consider dumb options like driving, because there IS an easier way to travel on holiday with your bike. It may well save you money too.

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Instead of the aggravation of packing your bike into a box (which you may well have had to rent), getting it to the airport and lugging it through the terminal, transferring it to your resort (using more cabs than you’d need if you and your buddies were travelling bike-free), and then reassembling it (assuming it’s not got dinged somewhere along the line), how does this sound? Have your bike picked up from a convenient location, stroll through the airport with just regular baggage, and rock up to your hotel where your bike is ready to go.¬†You’ll be riding quicker than you can say chamois cream.

At BikeMule we can make this happen, by transporting your machine in a vehicle specifically fitted out to carry bikes safely and securely, and often at less cost than you might expect. In fact, if your group is a decent size then it can work out cheaper than taking your bike on a plane, so why not let us give you a quote?

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No matter what size your group, we’d love to quote you on transporting your bikes, so please get in touch using the form below.